All I want is a Blank Slate





So this was a poster that I made based on homelessness. The idea behind it was that the man wanted a clean start or a ‘blank slate’, so he is painting himself a clean slate to start on.
I decided for some reason that it would be a great idea to draw the man, so it took AGES (about 35 hours) because I drew it at a2 scale (then some more down the bottom to add the legs and paintbrush),

Homelessness is something which I feel is misinterpreted so often, and from knowing quite a lot of homeless people, I know a lot of them are quickly judged when they are actually trying to get back on their feet. I can’t even imagine all the tragic tales which resulted in people ending up on the streets, but next time you see a homeless person, try not to judge so quickly. Buy a copy of the Big Issue, or give them a sandwich, because honestly none of us know what they have been through, and imagine how crappy you would feel in their situation (sorry for the ramble).


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