Sketching in Europe

Here’s some sketches I thought I’d share from my little sketchbook, while I was recently away in Europe (just England, barcelona and Paris) with my brother.
It’s such a beautiful area and I wanted to try and capture it.
To begin….
One from barcelona, at montjuic


I thought there was something quite poetic about the statue looking out across barcelona, and the view was incredible, but we were in a bit of a rush so this was a quick sketch.
We soon went to Paris, which had so many places to draw.
We didn’t have long enough in Paris to go into the louvre (one day) but the outside was exquisite. I love history and old architecture, so the louvre was beautiful. I drew it a few times from different spots…



We did manage to make it to the musee d’orsay though, which was great and had a great look out across the louvre and amazing atmosphere nearby on the riverside


As we went by, there were some pretty intense rappers, but it was still great. And they had a totally sick street art project going on too.

Later we went back to England, our birthplace. When stuck at home with grandma, drawing became my companion, so a lot of rabbit pictures somehow came up (I wasn’t even looking at pictures of rabbits, so I have no idea how this happened)



Also got to go back and visit my favourite park that I’ve been visiting a few times a year since I was about three.
I realise the trees are far too big, but was feeling a bit spaced out and exhausted at the time!


But yeah, then I eventually got back to London, and by this point, I know it pretty well, but it’s still amazing every time. I was lucky enough to be able to catch up with the boyfriend for a day on London and tour guide him around. But still managed to grab a quick sketch while he was watching the Tour de France.


Feeling massively privileged to have that holiday, especially looking back on it, but I just hope that next time you visit Europe you realise how beautiful it is!!
Happy travelling, c


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